Aluminum Silicate Wool Products
Production Technique:
  Aluminum silicate board bar is manufactured with aluminum silicate wool by adding a certain portion of cementing agent in the course of blowing, then cut by machine and solidified by high temperature.

Specification :
Inner diameter: 18-630mm
Thickness: 30-150mm
Length £º 1000mm or made according to customer ' s request

Fire resistance and heat preservation for fire doors, fire rolling curtains, industrial equipment, purification equipment and heating equipment.
Production Technique:

  Aluminum silicate felt is manufactured by the advanced production line, by using aluminum silicate wool with a certain portion of cementing agent. It can be made into two shapes, which are flat felt and felt roll.

Specification :
Length: 1000-10000mm
Width: 40mm ¡¢ 60mm ¡¢ 1200mm
Thickness: 15-100mm

  1. Wall lining for industrial kilns, heating equipment and high temperature pipes.
  2. Wall lining for chemical high temperature reactors and heaters.
  3. Fireproof and thermal insulation for high rise buildings.
  4. Thermal insulation for elimination stress in welded work pieces and irregular metal castings.
  5. Thermal insulation for top cover of kiln doors and thermal insulation for glass melting furnace.

Production Technique:

  The common aluminum silicate board is manufactured with flint clay as main ingredient through melting, adding an adequate amount of cementing agent. Then it is solidified and cut into boards with different dimensions. The whole production is following the standards of GB/T16400-1996 DL/T776-2001 strictly.


  1. Wall lining and sealing of furnace door and top cover of industrial furnace.
  2. Fireproof and heat insulation of buildings and fire doors.
  3. Heat preservation and insulation of high temperature equipment in power and chemical industries.
  4. Bulkhead deck of ships and offshore drilling platform.
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