High Strength Rock Wool Bar
   High strength rock wool bar is manufactured with basalt and other natural minerals as main ingredients after melting and solidifying when adding suitable quantity of bond material. This kind of product is mainly used in the filling of color steel boards and roof boards, because it has good property to against the intensity of pressure and fireproof, which make the workshop more cleaner and safe, at the same time, bring it constant temperature and good sound insulation effects. Therefore, high strength rock wool bar is the best filling material of color steel boards.

  The production is finished by the best quality equipments and the products are formed in one continuous process, which can supply you best quality products, following the industry standards strictly. Nowadays, with the development of color steel industry, the requests on this products increase little by little. Therefore, our company develops a new product, which is waterproof high strength rock wool board with the best property of over 98% of hydrophobicity.

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